WHAT TO EXPECT: Our design / build / installation process typically functions in this order:
VISION: In the beginning, we work with you helping select the right technology and tools that will best achieve the vision and purpose of each project.

SPECS: We will provide the general specifications for all the media areas of the project.
BUDGET: Solid stewardship is always our focus as we design and build systems that meet or exceed your expectations. We work hard to maximize your investment.

SCHEDULING: Timing is everything. We make it our priority to work closely with the owners, architects and other contractors to promote clarity and efficiency.  We make every effort to honor your time line.

DRAWINGS: Together, we will develop drawings that are accurate, clear and easy to navigate.  Our installed solution will sound, look and perform flawlessly. Guaranteed! 

INSTALLATION: Our hourly installation fee is very competitive and is contingent on the completion of the design. Our installation costs are 25-45% lower than our competitors and our workmanship is second to none.
TESTING & TRAINING:  Upon project completion, all media systems will be professionally tested and calibrated.  All AV personnel will be thoroughly trained without time restrictions.  We provide all operational manuals combined with As-Built Drawings in a binder, at the end of training..
AFTERCARE SERVICE: Voyager Music sets the bar for responsive service and customer care and satisfaction.  Our 24-hour Aftercare Service will be responsive to your immediate needs.
WARRANTY:  Voyager Music provides the best warranty in the business.  All installed audio electronics and video projection equipment are covered for 3-years.  All speaker enclosures come with a 10-year warranty.  All workmanship carries a lifetime warranty. 
email: chris@valveav.net